The STEM Game Crew is a partnership between the Curious Crew television program on WKAR and researchers from the College of Communication Arts & Science at Michigan State University.

 The goal of this project is to allow elementary school kids to be STEM Game Scientists at home, and to see if and how this impacts their learning of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. This will therefore help us understand the connection between science learning and digital gaming. Users of this site are psuedo-anonymous — identified by a username only. Please do not use your real name on the site.

All games on the STEM Game Crew site are located on external websites. These games have been tested ONLY to ensure that they are relevant to the scientific topic. STEM Game Crew is NOT responsible for the content on these external sites, including but not limited to the games and advertising displayed. STEM Game Crew is not endorsing any of these external sites.

Dr. Rabindra Ratan is the project lead.  Research assistants Will Renius and Amanda Klug have done most of the heavy technical and design lifting. Thanks also to following research assistants for finding/curating the games on this site: Celina Wanek, Benedict Hildago, Adam Cockman, and Chanon Sethabutra.